Bastille Gallery

The design of this museum was both an urban and formal challenge due to the triangular site at the riverfront of the Seine. The design is about creating an opposite to the Bastille: Light, transparency, and freedom of choice is the guiding principle.

The building masses develop from the urban fabric towards the river. Each slice of the building has a different lenght and height. An axis of transparency moves through the building allowing for views from south to north. At the north side of the building is a garden with outdoor seating.

The channel glass of the facade allows for large amounts of daylight to enter the museum space. At night this effect is reversed: the museum becomes a lantern.

The double helix staircase is meeting space and provides vertical circulation. The rooftop of the museum is a public outdoor space to enjoy the views and observe the city.

First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor
Fourth Floor

Due to the independence of the functions from each other the ballroom, the Café, the restaurant, the conference rooms, and the auditorium can be rented by external event organizers.

The 40ft high ballroom allows people to reclaim oppulence as common property.

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